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15 years' experience recruiting technology professionals

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I am a highly accomplished and specialist recruitment professional and owner of a technology recruitment consultancy. I have built teams, increased brand awareness and recruited technology and communications professionals since 2002.

I build relationships, not portfolios. With a fundamental understanding of technology from my academic background and my dedication to learning, I am able to understand and confidently sell your best technical merits.

We have developed extensive partnerships with local government, academia and industry meaning that I am driven to assist in the future development of skills in technology.  I hope to play a key role in developing and promoting a more diverse workforce, helping more women into tech and assisting businesses on their digital journeys.

What Does Sadler Recruitment Offer?

A Personalised Service

Our guiding principle is exemplary communication to all parties. Therefore we will only work with a select number of vacancies at any one time.

David will personally manage every client vacancy.

We have a fundamental understanding of technology and tools.

Access to advanced recruitment marketing.

Proven Experience

Hodge – Onsite recruitment provider for talent on three year digital transformation project.

Transport for Wales Rail Services – Onsite recruitment provision during the Wales & Borders Rail mobilisation and transition phase.

Smartpipe Solutions (now Novatiq) – Three year recruitment project recruiting 40 onsite/remote technology professionals.


Added Value

Assess market perception V your competitor’s.

Establish & Maintain your Employee Value Proposition.

A brand ambassador.

Access to untapped talent pools.

Alignment with HR/Talent Teams.

Recruitment Process Audits.

Remuneration Benchmarking.

Our Technology Recruitment Markets

Hardware & Infrastructure
Cloud Services
Data & Analytics
Information Security

Network & Communications
Digital Sales & Marketing
Business Operations

Cloud & Edge Computing 

AI & Machine Learning 


Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Robotic Process Automation 

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