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A Candidates View


At the time of writing this blog, I am a Software Engineer who has 8 years of experience in the industry. I wanted to look for a new opportunity in which I could apply the skills I have learned from my past experience. My aim was to go into a position using a similar technology stack that I had already been working with. I also wanted flexible/remote working, which still had a short commute to the office.

Available to work on LinkedIn

Starting out I decided I wanted to advertise my availability for work so I set up the “looking for work” on LinkedIn. This approach seemed good to begin with. It allowed recruiters to find me and share positions that they were trying to fill. After reviewing the positions that recruiters were sent to me they did not fit what I was looking for.

To be honest this approach also became overwhelming. The frequent contact and lots of different roles I had to review to see if they met my requirements. On top of this, I would get also follow-up emails chasing me to reply when I failed to do so. Reviewing all these became a major time sink, especially considering the positions didn’t fit with my criteria.

I needed another approach.

Initial contact with Sadler Recruitment

Looking for this new approach my partner recommended I contact David. She had worked with him before to secure her own position in an engineering role. I made contact on LinkedIn explaining my situation and asking if he was available to help.  A few messages back and forth later and I had a call scheduled for the next day to introduce myself.

In the call, I felt that David listened to my background and the requirements I had for the role I was looking for. He also understood the technologies I had worked with and knew about the space I wanted to work in (something I have had problems with other recruiters in the past). After the call David went to work straight away, suggesting roles he thought suited my needs. He was also in contact with me on a daily basis giving me updates on what he was doing and generally keeping me up to date. It all felt very personalised to me

Working through the process

Once I had gone through some of the companies David had shared with me, I then shared a copy of my CV. He gave me some feedback on areas to improve and started sharing it with the companies.

Throughout the process, David was very helpful. He kept me informed of what to expect from each interview process, sharing links, and information about the companies. This was helpful for my preparation for my interview and I felt it was invaluable to the success I had.

After the interview, David kept up to date about what the next steps would be as well as chasing up companies for feedback. During the process, I always felt like David kept me informed and knew exactly what was going on.

Landing the job

I was very fortunate in that I was able to complete the whole process within a few weeks. It also ticked all my requirements.

  • Being within walking distance from my house
  • Working with the technologies I had experience in,
  • Being in an exciting space

I like to thank David for his role and hard work in helping me secure my current role and I would be happy to work with him again