SME or Start Up

Believe it or not this is one of the biggest questions/conversations I have and have had for years. So I will make it simple for you….

This is a list of the views and comments I have received in the last 5 years. I must say they might not all happen but this will give you a good guide when making a decision.


Pros and Cons of working for a Start-Up/New company venture

 Potential benefits of a Start-Up  Potential negatives of a Start-up
 You can genuinely influence decisionsCan lack employment security
 You will work on new technology Potential pressure to develop/sell
You will work in a culture buoyed by energy, stress and innovationFewer employee benefits
Remuneration packages are generally higherHigher turnover of staff
 You are more likely to get equity/optionsDifferent management styles
More relaxed and creative working environment/officeSmaller offices
Opportunities to win industry awardsUnlikely to be car parking facilities
There will be less rigid management stylesCan be long hours of work
Tend to gain the interest of risk-takers in personalityCan be chaotic/disorganised
 Office design/layout based on innovation/creativityPotentially lack of career plans in the early days
Potential to work at an incubator, great for sharing/collaboratingMinimal information on forums/Glassdoor



Pros and Cons of a Corporate/SME

 Potential benefits of a larger organisation Potential negatives of a larger organisation
Greater resourcesPotential pay bands limiting sharp salary increases
Corporate structure Workforce bureaucracy
Personal Development plans & training opportunitiesPotentially less agile and innovative
Larger teams – a greater chance for development/learningPotentially harder to show true value compared to others – you become a number
Diverse culturesPotentially more risk-averse
Flexible employment benefitsRigid policies/procedures to follow 
Larger pots of money for innovation/technologyHarder to get decisions made


Sadler Recruitment Ltd is fortunate to work with a number of startups and larger SMEs/organisations.


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