How to look for a job?

So you’ve decided one of two things… you’re unhappy, unfulfilled or just bored and need a new job OR alternatively, a recruiter/company has sent you an Inmail/connection discussing an opportunity that really piques your interest.

What to do when looking for a new job?

Option A – Adopt a proactive strategy

  1. Update your LinkedIn status and change it to “open to new opportunities”.
  2. Apply to a Job Advert –  Apply via quick links, send CV and attach email/cover note. Where do you look? All dependant on your industry sector but leading online job boards include Reed/Indeed/Jobsite/LinkedIn.
  3. Put your CV on an online database/job site (as above). Why…? It will save you a lot of time and effort seeking jobs, let people come to you!
  4. Set up job alerts on the job sites and key in key skill/technology criteria and get targeted jobs sent to you.
  5. Search local Slack groups/meetup pages for opportunities.
  6. Contact ex-colleagues, ex-managers and identify any new opportunities.
  7. Apply directly to companies websites.
  8. Contact companies based on news read and ask if there are any new opportunities in the pipeline.
  9. Contact a trusted recruiter that can identify new opportunities and companies based on market knowledge/experience.

Option B – Always be “open” to hearing

the LinkedIn Inmail Or Job Related Mailer

  • seek all the information you can, recruiters will want to withhold key info initially but if interested ask to see the spec.
  • Be honest with the recruiter, is this really of interest, where does it rank with other opportunities/against the current role, are there any negatives? Why…? As you will need to work together to get what you want, otherwise why bother?
  • Do your research on the company- Glassdoor, online forums, speak to friends/family.
  • Don’t commit before you genuinely are ready, ask questions and understand everything about what makes a decision (pay, benefits, travel, managers, history, promotion opportunities).

Option C – Let Recruiters become your eyes and ears

Have regular meetings/conversations with a recruiter to determine when may be right and be prepared. Choose a recruiter that is well networked and will provide you with key information quickly.


With technology advancing daily there will be so many ways to look and identify employment opportunities. Our advice here at Sadler Recruitment Ltd is to opt for the ‘always be open’ mantra as ultimately it will save you a huge amount of time in the long run. Personally set up job alerts based on specific criteria (certain job title/skill) and (salary) and that way you won’t miss the opportunity you may have dreamed of. Be open to receiving social contact e.g. connection requests, inmails on LinkedIn etc but quickly identify the ones that grab your attention and make a move when the time is right.   Ideally from a recruiters point of view, you would reply with ‘no thanks’ but we understand this isn’t possible to the volume and inaccurate matches you may receive. 

If you are interested in hearing of new opportunities or to simply having a discussion about the market, the available salaries, the rising companies please contact the team today.


Sadler Recruitment Lt

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